psd2 uk banksEuropean banks are required to provide secure APIs and Developer portals to allow licensed 3rd parties to access bank customer data with their consent. This is as a result of the new Open Banking regulation (PSD2) coming into effect in January 2018. The regulation aims to provide customers with control over their data and increase competitiveness in the financial services sector.

In January this year, we started to explore the new APIs and were disappointed to find few PSD2 developer portals. Whilst more have appeared in the past 9 months, they remain a scarcity.

The UK Competition and Market Authority has been working with 9 banks, collectively labelled the CMA9. Since March 2017, APIs for Branch/ATM, Personal Current Account, Business Current Account, SME Lending have been available. From January 2018, APIs for Accounts, Transactions and Payments will be required.

European progress outside of the UK has been less obvious, with little progress from coalitions that have been setup including CAPS and the Berlin Group.

We have tested out several of the currently available portals and in most cases found the experiences underwhelming. Inconsistency, lack of API completeness, poor test data and incomplete OAUTH implementations are our most common complaints.

As developers, the banks and regulators are not making things easy for us and the PSD2 developer experience is a moving feast that may take a number of years to bed in. This needs to change if the vision of Open Banking is to be realised.

To help the developer community, we will keep a track of the latest bank developer portals and publish reviews on our experience using them. Here is the list:

Bank of Cyprus



Ceska Sporitelna


Danske Bank

Deutsche Bank


Hellenic Bank


Lloyds Bank

NGB i-Bank



Royal Bank of Scotland


Standard Charter

Starling Bank



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